Celebrating 20 Years in Napa Valley!


For 20 years Toni Chiappetta has been making life in Napa a little bit sweeter Chiappetta opened her den of delectable temptation 20 years ago in historic Hatt Building on the Napa River. A native of Connecticut, who studied culinary arts in Cambridge, Mass., she had worked at bakeries on the East Coast before being [...]

Celebrating 20 Years in Napa Valley!2019-03-27T04:43:00+00:00

We’ve won Bohemian 2019 Best of Winner!


We won in Napa County for the Best Tea Shop/Cafe Attached is the advertising information we would like to present to our audience who already loves our business. As the winner, we are entitled to discounts to a regular ad campaign for the whole year round. Looking forward to sharing these with all of you.

We’ve won Bohemian 2019 Best of Winner!2019-03-11T22:54:53+00:00
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