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The best thing that ever happened to Toni (and the dessert-eating world) was the day she was fired. Yep, after Donna fired her, Toni retreated to her Victorian apartment, fired up her way too small oven and began baking. With only room for one cake at a time, baking was a slow, tedious process.

Toni’s business was growing, but her oven wasn’t, so in 1994 moved to a commercial kitchen with convection ovens and walk-in coolers. Life was good. Then, in 2000, it was time for Sweetie Pies to make the big move. After months of building the bakery on paper, actual construction began and on Sept. 15, 2000, Sweetie Pies became one of the first businesses at The Hatt Building.

Today, Sweetie Pies bakes for food distributors, retail stores, and scores of doting mothers and blushing brides.

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Owner of Sweetie Pies

Toni Chiappetta and NellieAs a little girl, the only reason Toni ate dinner was to get to dessert. From the Table Talk pies at her parents’ luncheonette to her first chocolate cake experiments, dessert has always been a huge part of her life.

Tess, Toni’s mom, was her first cooking teacher, followed by Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, Albert Kumin and Peter Kumps’ schools in New York. Toni’s first baking for money job was at Icarus in Boston, then Sfuzzi in Philadelphia, then Bistro Don Giovani in the Napa Valley.

Sweetie Pies began in a very small apartment kitchen with a bread box sized oven. After presenting samples to Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company, business took off! Within four months, the operation moved to a real kitchen with commercial ovens, and for the first time, Sweetie Pies had a payroll.

Today, Sweetie Pies is a booming business with a staff of dedicated bakers, some of whom still remember the early days of delivering warm muffins in the back of the Honda.

Toni continues to oversee every aspect of the operation, from developing new recipes to training new culinarians. Toni takes out the garbage, pays the bills and continues to try to satisfy her incurable sweet tooth.

Chef Sweetie Pies


Toni Chiappetta

Toni | Owner

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Marlem | Wedding Consultant

Sweetie Pies Manager

Saira | Office Manager

Sweetie pies team members

Erika & Jennifer | Supervisor and Retail Manager

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Elmer | Head Baker

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Nellie | Our Favorite Pup