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Carrot Cake

moist cake loaded with raisins, coconut, pineapple, and pecans filled and frosted with cream cheese frosting

Millionaire Candy Bar Cake

3 layers of light chocolate cake with layers of bittersweet mousse, caramel, and shortbread cookies. fudge frosting, caramel and shortbread crumbs finish it off

Queen Cake

silver white cake filled with raspberry jam & vanilla mascarpone mousse. finished with vanilla buttercream

Mousse Cake

two layers of chocolate cake with a thick bittersweet chocolate mousse covered with rustic dark chocolate shavings

Boston Cream Pie

yellow cake filled with chantilly cream and glazed in bittersweet chocolate. the sides are naked with an acetate collar

Winter White Cake

silver white cake filled with vanilla chantilly cream frosted with white chocolate buttercream

Tiramisu Cake

yellow cake soaked with coffee syrup, filled with mascarpone mousse and cocoa powder. covered with espresso buttercream and finished with mocha beans

Triple Coconut Cake

3 layers of coconut pound cake soaked with coconut milk, filled with coconut pastry cream and finished in billowy meringue and sweetened coconut

Banana Fluffer Nutter Cake

banana cake, banana pastry cream, marshmallow cream and peanut butter frosting… it will bring you back to your childhood

German Chocolate

devils food cake filled and finished with an almond, coconut frosting and glazed in chocolate

Red Velvet

layers of red cake filled and frosted with cream cheese icing; cake crumbs on the side and a red flower on top


flavors include yellow, chocolate, banana, red velvet, lemon, and coconut


Triple Chocolate

Gluten free chocolate cake filled with white, milk & dark chocolate mousse

Vegan Cake

Chocolate or white cake filled with a chocolate soy pudding & finished with a soy buttercream


Chocolate or white with soy buttercream


Plain New York Style

graham cracker crust with a creamy cream cheese base and sour cream topping

Pumpkin (seasonal)

our seasonal favorite…spicy gingersnap crust with a rich pumpkin cheesecake topped with hazelnut accented sour cream and hazelnut garnish

Salted Caramel, Apple & Pecan Cheesecake Lemon Blueberry

graham cracker crust with layers of housemade salted caramel, pecans, sautéed apples and cheesecake topped with whipped cream and swirled caramel

Mocha Cheesecake

chocolate cookie crust top with a layer of chocolate cheesecake and a layer of coffee cheesecake. finished with mocha beans



Crème Brulee

served in a disposable aluminum ramekin

Cupa Cupa

a chocolate coffee cup filled with a chocolate cake, tiramisu filling and topped with cocoa powder and mocha beans

Oreo Mousse Cake

chocolate cookie crust filled with white chocolate mousse and Oreo cookie chunks



red velvet yodel filled with cream cheese icing, glazed in bittersweet chocolate

Yodel (gluten free)

chocolate cake filled and rolled with a marshmallow cream and glazed in chocolate


golden sponge cake filled with marshmallow cream


chocolate shortbread with vanilla filling

Gluten Free & Vegan

*Vegan items 72-hour notice + additional cost

Chocolate Almond Praline

gluten free chocolate cake, bittersweet chocolate mousse, almond praline finished with chocolate buttercream

*Vegan Cake

chocolate or white cake filled with a chocolate soy pudding or coconut whipped cream and finished with a soy buttercream

Cupcakes – chocolate or white with soy buttercream