Yodel ** Gluten Free ** – Chocolate cake filled & rolled with marshmallow cream & glazed in chocolate.

Twinkie – Golden Sponge cake filled with marshmallow cream (12 min)

Nutter Butter – A peanut cookie filled with a peanut butter cream. reg.

Chocolate Whoopie – A moist cake like cookie filled with marshmallow cream.

S ‘more Sandwich – Graham cracker & marshmallow cream sandwich cookie glazed in bittersweet chocolate.


New York Style Plain – With a graham cracker crust and a cream cheese base finished with sour cream topping.

*Peach, Pecan & Caramel – Graham cracker crust topped with sautéed peaches, toasted pecans & caramel baked with a peach cheesecake topped with crisp topping.

*Lemon Blueberry – Tart lemon cheesecake with fresh blueberries finished with a lemon sour cream topping.

*Mango Key lime Coconut Cheesecake – Coconut Crust topped with key lime cheese cheesecake swirled with fresh mango puree, topped with mascarpone mousse, and toasted coconut.


Crème Brulée – Served in a disposable aluminum ramekin

Cupa Cupa – A chocolate coffee cup filled with a chocolate cake & tiramisu filling topped with cocoa powder & mocha beans.


Carrot Cake- Moist carrot cake loaded with plump raisins, flaked coconut, juicy pineapple, & toasted pecans filled & frosted with our famous silky cream cheese frosting.

*Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Cake – Alternating layers of decadent chocolate cake, peanut butter rice krispie crunch, and creamy milk chocolate mousse. Frosted and finished in our peanut butter buttercream.

*Summer Berries & Cream – Our most popular cake for a reason! A moist white cake filled with silky vanilla bean custard and fresh berries. Frosted with vanilla bean buttercream and adorned with white chocolate shavings and more juicy berries!

*Strawberry Bubble Cake – Yummy vanilla cake, soaked in strawberry syrup, filled with a whipped mascarpone mousse & fresh sliced strawberries. Finished in a silky strawberry buttercream and topped with piped “bubbles”.

Mousse Cake – Light airy chocolate cake filled & finished with rich decadent chocolate mousse and adorned with luscious dark chocolate shavings.

*Lemon Blueberry – Lemon pound cake filled with a luscious lemon curd, light lemon Chantilly cream & fresh blueberries finished with lemon buttercream.

*German Chocolate – Devils food cake layered with a pecan coconut filling, frosted in a fudge frosting and glazed in chocolate.

*Triple Oreo Cake – Moist chocolate cake filled with a white chocolate mousse and crushed Oreos. Finished in an Oreo buttercream, and then topped with more Oreos!

*Fudge Bar Cake – Soft chocolate cake filled with a decadent chocolate mousse & caramel and sea salt. Finished in fudge frosting & a golden grape cluster design.

CUPCAKES: – Flavors include vanilla, chocolate, banana, red velvet, lemon, carrot, and coconut.

Gluten Free & Vegan Cakes *Vegan items 72-hour notice + additional cost

Gluten Free – Flavors include chocolate, vanilla pound, lemon pound, and yellow cake.

Vegan Cake – Chocolate or vanilla cake filled with a chocolate oat milk pudding & finished with a vegan buttercream.

***We are able to make a cake both vegan and gluten free…Ask for pricing***

Cupcakes – Chocolate or vanilla with oat milk pudding filling and vegan buttercream.