I will be doing a remodel of the bakery cafe that may start next week. We are going to stay open but without any indoor seating. We do have lovely outdoor seating and there is seating available behind the Napa River Inn for large parties.

This will be a learning curve for us so please be patient…I have no idea how it will work but I am hoping to not interrupt our daily business. We can look forward to a new case for our cakes and a new grab and go case for breakfast and lunch quick pick ups and 2 registers.

The future may also bring in noise and all the good things that go with construction but I have a small espresso machine and a coffee machine that will be here so hopefully no hiccups with our coffee and lattes.

Also, I have hired a new breakfast/lunch chef and we are so looking forward to ramping up our menus with new and exciting dishes…so welcome Brandon Franz.

Stay tuned for updates!

– Toni